The Metroplex shirt
A million years ago there was a “alternative” club in downtown Atlanta called the Metroplex. I place alternative in quotes because in the early 80’s there was no such genre. The ‘Plex was considered a punk club, even though it featured not only punk and hardcore but also metal and reggae and everything in between. The ‘Plex was a $5 cover charge into a world safe from the rest of 1980’s Georgia. My friends and I used to go there without even knowing who was playing. It didn’t matter. It was our safe haven. The normals believed the rumors that people were shot and stabbed at the ‘Plex. This served us weirdos well, and we helped foster this image (truthfully, there were a few stabbings, and the parking lot of the ‘Plex is the only place I’ve ever had anyone other than a cop point a gun at me).

For less than 10 bucks a show I experienced Suicidal Tendencies, Rollins Band, DRI, Bad Brains, Fishbone, The Peppers, Megadeth, Anthrax, Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front, COC, Fetchin’ Bones, Death Angel, Dayglo Abortions, GWAR and countless others. It was a dump. 45’s hung from the ceiling, along with cynical Ronald Reagan air fresheners. The bar was separated from the all-ages area of the club by rusty chicken wire painted black. It smelled, it was dirty, it was in a dangerous part of town, it had the cops called to it regularly. I made friends there, I met girls there, I got into fights there.

The Metroplex was epic and legendary. And, like all legendary places, it closed. You can read more about the club, and its demise here on the Creative Loafing site.

I used to have a Metroplex shirt. A few of them. They’ve all disappeared over time. Worn out, torn up, bled on. I looked for replacements online but couldn’t find any. So I decided to make a facsimile.

The Murder Kroger Shirt

Murder Kroger is the old Kroger on Ponce in Atlanta.  It’s gone now – for all intents and purposes demolished in 2016.  In the day, it’s where those of us who lived in Little 5 Points (another deceased Atlanta punk/hardcore/weirdo bastion) shopped.  It was in what was once a seriously run down and sketchy part of town, and multiple murders took place in its parking lot.  Now, like so many other once-colorful Atlanta areas, it’s completely yuppified.


The old shirt printer waxed my designs, so I’ve moved on to the evils of Amazon Merch.  Check out the shirts here.

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