White VS Sewing Machine / Treadle
March 8, 2013 Personal

Some wonderful people gave us this ancient, indestructible White sewing machine/treadle.


We got it tuned up and it’s ready to roll.  We found the crumbling manual in one of its drawers.  After searching in vain for a digital copy of it, I scanned what we have.  I love the art in these old manuals:



The entire manual, such as it is, can be downloaded here in PDF format.

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  1. Hi! I think I have a cousin, if not a sibling, of this sewing machine. Any idea where to get parts? Repair manual?

  2. Unfortunately I don’t. When we got ours we took it to a local sewing machine repair shop for a tune up. The guy there seemed nonplussed by it, and there were a lot of machines of similar age and style in the place. That might be your best bet.

  3. Thanks for the PDF of the manual! I just got this machine and was informed by the seller that is was made in 1905. Although I figured out how to thread it and use it I did not know about the vibrator adjustment. Having the manual is always good. It’s a great machine that is still going after a hundred years. How often can you say that about something.

  4. Thank you for the manual. We just bought a 1893 VS White Treadle. I found a link on Granny Miller’s blog on how to clean an older treadle. She mentioned being able to find manuals online., so I googled White VS Treadle Manual & that’s how I found your website! I printed it up. You’re right. The artwork is amazing!!! Thank you again!!!

  5. Nice. Thank you for the link to granny-miller!

  6. Linda, I also have an 1893 White VS III, with plate #1006479. My manual is in tatters, but I’m attempting to salvage as much as I can. Once completed, would you like to have a copy?

  7. I just got a white w/ plate # 1154682 not sure what year, but the machine looks very similar- no manual. Thanks so much for posting this!
    Can I find out what year with just the plate #?

  8. Thank you so much for posting this manual! I have this exact machine and it came without the manual, but with many feet and only one bobbin. I can’t wait to get started using it!

  9. I also want to thank you so much for posting your manual! I have just obtained a White which looks identical to yours except that it was made in Guelph, Ontario (near to where I live), and the manual is filling in gaps for me about the machine and those bizarre attachments! I am starting to clean it up and hoping to make it functional, but I have no bobbins! I would appreciate any leads on how to buy these, since I am not operational without them. All hail the Interweb for putting like-souled people together and allowing generous people such as yourself the opportunity to share with others!

  10. I just bought a White treadle machine with what looks like a serial number of 757413. I am looking for information about it as I’d like to get it running again. I also seem to have some missing pieces, so if you know a good source for parts, I’d appreciate it.

  11. we started this morning trying to restore my mother’s sewing machine that was taken apart and stored in boxes back in 1984.
    we found your site and the instruction manuall you posted.
    what a gold mine of information.
    thank you for taking the time to make this available

  12. thank you very much for sharing your White manual with us all.
    I have gone though it and am pretty sure all parts are still there…but I have search the web for instructions on how to place the shuttle in the machine ready to use but I am wondering if I do have some sort of guide/bracket missing as surely it has to clip into something to hold it secure. If anyone one can help me with this I would be very appreciative.
    thank you again for sharinf this valuable manual with all White lovers

  13. I have same machine. You can go to singer website and manuals, put in w7 and the digital copy is free to download and print. It will not come up if you type white. W only.

  14. Thank you! I have this same machine. Mine is in the cabinet that looks exactly the the one in the manual. Downloaded the pdf, looking for some vintage yellowed paper to print it on. Thanks again.

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