Automating Usenet

I’m an old schooler, and an avid Usenet user since way back when there was actually a reason to break an upload into a billion tiny pieces.  I prefer it over every other means of mass filesharing on the intertoobs.  The advent of NZB made it even awsumer.

My goal now is to automate the process as much as possible.  Unfortunately, thus far there is no all-in-one solution for this.  Fortunately, there are great apps made by industrious people to take care of most of it.  My current test setup includes the following:

  • NZBDownloader – for automatically pulling the NZBs.  I’d say it’s too bad that this can’t be configured to monitor multiple site feeds, but NZBMatrix does a good job of keeping up with most of what I’m after.
  • NewsLeecher – for automatically using the NZBs to download from the newsies.  This is the only bit of the setup that isn’t free (as in beer).  There’s probably an alternative to NewsLeecher out there, but it works well and is extremely configurable.
  • AutoUnpack – Automatically unpacks the files downloaded  by NewsLeecher and discards the source data.

My download path differs from my storage path – I have a separate set of shared drives to hold video.  Right now I still have to move the video file to the appropriate drive/path.  The last step of my process is to write a bit of code that detects the unpacked video files and move them to their final destination (eg: move the file “futurama.s06e01.dvdscr.xvid-mspaint.avi” from its unpacked location to its proper home at “F:\video\Series\futurama”).  This is relatively trivial.  I just need to take the time to do it.

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