Stuff I Like/Use

Not so random list of stuff I like/use:


  • SABnzbd – Auto newsreader.  Feed it nzb files and, if you’ve set it up correctly, it’ll auto download, verify, unpack and place.  I feed it with:
    • Sonarr – Searches and manages television shows.  Finds what you tell it to, ships the info to SAB, and voila – you’ve got stuff to waste your life watching.
    • Radarr – Is to movies what Sonarr is to television.
  • Jellyfin – Open source media server. I use this for all video and run a separate instance for audio.
  • Pi-Hole – Turn your Raspberry Pi into a network wide ad blocker via DNS.
  • Deluge – A free bitTorrent client with the option for a nifty web interface.
  • TTRSS – When Google unceremoniously pulled the plug on its newsreader lots of us nerds were pissed.  I fiddled with all the online alternatives at the time, but eventually TTRSS became my drug of choice.  I host it, I admin it, I’m in control of it.  I appreciate that.  It’s quick, it’s efficient, it seems to keep its database tight and clean, and it’s well supported.  Be forewarned: if you hit its support forums without first doing your homework you will be beat down by neckbeards who have no other means by which to feel any superiority over anyone.  Such is the bane of a project like TTRSS.

More to come.

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