CasaOS and bash in Docker

I installed ArchiveBox on CasaOS and came upon a problem – I couldn’t figure out what the default credentials are, or even if there were any, and I didn’t know how to generate them from the command line. ArchiveBox told me to create a new superuser by running

From the command line, but doing so within the container terminal resulted in this:

But I found my way into the container bash thusly:

  • SSH into your pi running CasaOS
  • search for your ArchiveBox container ID:
  • You’ll see a path in your return with a long, long directory name, something like
  • This is your container ID. CD to /var/lib/docker/containers/and run the following, where containerID is the above ID:
  • This will invoke a bash within that container. From within it, run:
  • And follow the prompts to create a superuser for ArchiveBox. To drop out of bash, just input exit.


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