Floors Loom Pt 1

Finally, after way longer than intended, the disgusting carpets are being replaced with hardwood.  We spent the weekend basically moving back out of the house, emptying all the rooms into the garage, storage crawls, bathrooms, laundry room and my office.  I discovered that we don’t own a lot of stuff (which I’m absolutely good with) and that this house has ample storage.  We didn’t even use attic.  Mom and son are staying at a hotel down the road.  The cat and I are holed up in my office, camping luxury style.


Riley’s room (with incomplete paint) emptied.


Last of the stuff going into the crawl.  The box spring goes into the laundry room, where the tile floor will remain.  That crawl could actually fit beds, were the access wide enough to get a mattress through.


Cram stuff into the laundry room!  I like having a dedicated laundry room.  Initially I liked it being upstairs too, but now I wish it were downstairs, preferably accessible from the garage.  One thing this house lacks and really could use is a mud room.  After tromping around in the snow and wet it’d be nice to have a heated space made for making messes easy.

IMG_0100Still room in the garage too.  Granted, the couch is crammed into the kitchen (again, tile we’re not removing).  If nothing else I think we might have to score a dresser or two for the guest bedrooms.  We currently have but one dresser.

IMG_0102Confused kitty is confused.  Gross carpet is gross.

IMG_0104Me and Ariah’s sweet digs ’til the job is done.  The futon *just* fit.  Were the bike trainer not here there would be more room.  No matter – it works.  Seriously debating having that sink and urinal installed again.  Classy office.

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