Floors Pt 3

The floor adventure continues!


Our room…

IMG_0116Riley’s room…

IMG_0118Guest bedroom…

IMG_0114Hall.  The hall is where they began.  I want to ask them the logic behind their starting point.  There clearly is one.  During this process they’ve said a number of things about the house that have made me happy.  Despite the fact that the previous owner didn’t take great care of it, it was clearly well built.  That’s good news.  The Atlanta house, besides being significantly older, had been a rental for years and suffered all the signs of being so.  Every repair to it had been done cheaply and shoddily.  Most “easy” projects on that house turned into days long ordeals.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress they make today.  The stairs will be quite an undertaking.

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