The Floors Redux

“What happened to the floors?”  asked the imaginary people who visit this site.  Well, the flooring company miscalculated their estimations on square footage and came up lacking.  We had to wait an additional 2 weeks for more flooring to arrive and acclimate before the downstairs could be completed.  But it’s now finally done.


Now we’re in the midst of trying to finally move into our house proper – 4 months after arriving.


There’s still a LOT left to do.  Tons of painting.  A new water heater.  Eventually a new stove and hood.  A fence.  The exterior of the house needs painting desperately.  A fix for The Door To Nowhere.  Welcome back to home ownership!  I’m split between hoping Bend grows so that this investment pays off and hoping Bend stops growing so that I’m not wanting to leave at all.

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