Bootable USB installer for Win7

You’ll need a DVD or ISO of Win7 and have your USB drive plugged in.  Take note – this is going to erase it.  Bear in mind you can create a Win7 64 bit installer with this procedure, but you cannot create this install on a Win7 54 bit machine.  Good job Microsoft.
  1. Download DiskPart.
  2. Launch DiskPart by entering diskpart at the start menu or in a command prompt.
  3. Enter list disk.
  4. Enter select disk # where # is the appropriate disk number.
  5. Enter clean.
  6. Enter create partition primary.
  7. Enter active.
  8. Enter format fs=fat32 quick.
  9. Enter assign.
  10. Copy all files from the DVD or ISO to the USB drive and it’s good to go.

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