Cron for Dynamic DNS Updating

I use my commercial host, Ionos, for websites, including creating subdomains for ones I’m hosting at home. However, I don’t pay for a static ip. I was using a Windows Scheduled Task to curl the necessary URLs to keep the IP updated, but I’m switching everything I can over to Linux, and a Pi.

Start by creating your .sh file and making it executable. I created in my home dir on my Pi, and populated it with my curl calls. I did this via Nano. Then make it executable:

Then I fired up cron by entering:

It’s going to ask you for an editor on first use. I say, stick with Nano.

After this it will present you with a crontab file. Scroll to the bottom and enter:

This will run your sh file every hour at the top of the hour.

Save the file.

If you want to see what’s up with Cron, enter:

If it’s running, it’ll show you the files – your sh file – in use by cron.

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