OpenVPN reconnect

My OpenVPN likes to have difficulty and go yellow from time to time.  The problem with this is twofold – I have any and all downloads stop at the absence of VPN, and when I’m not home connecting to my server is more difficult when VPN has hundged up.  The simplest fix for now is just to restart/reconnect VPN on the daily.

I use OpenVPN with PIA.

First thing to do is create a autologin VPN profile.  See how to do that here.  Yes yes, there are inherent security issues with this.  Obviously if you’re worried about that you’re not in the market for this solution in the first place.

After creating and testing your autologin, create a daily task (preferably at a time when you know your host box will be idle).  Add the following Actions:

Setting –connect in the third program start to point to the .ovpn file you created for autologin.  Make sure to set this task to Run with highest privileges to avoid UAC prompts interrupting the process.

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