Various Projects

Needed more workspace, so I built some with leftovers and wood recycled from what I’ve torn off the house:


Made some numbers for the house:



Which the wife has already deemed too small:


See that light hanging there?  A buddy scored a handful of those from reStore.  They’re supah expensive boutique lights.  He was kind enough to give us one.  I found cheap china facsimiles of it for lights on either side of the garage.  Only problem was that they were more bronze than black, and didn’t quite match, so we mixed up some thinned out black paint and hit ’em with it.  You can see one of the lights newly hung there to the right above the ladder.  Here they are mid-paint:

IMG_1385Damn our front stoop is ugly.  That’s a springtime project.

I also made some vinyl stickers for the boy’s school:


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