I love me some TTRSS.  Ever since Google shuttered their RSS feed reader I’ve been using it.  It’s nice to not be beholden to another provider for RSS content management.  It’s also a well supported little free system. I definitely recommend it.  The support forums, however, can be pretty rough on the less savvy crowd.  Hell, there’s an entire sticky thread dedicated to a discussion about how the place is overrun with assholes.  If you go there you’ll get help, but make sure you’ve done your due diligence first.

When I upgraded to the latest version of TTRSS (v1.12) my views went all wonky.  The Mark As Read button was hidden from the top bar and things generally looked assy.  What I discovered is that Firefox (speaking of – FF 28 sure has been crashing a lot) had cached some style settings and mixed the old with the new, creating a mess.  hitting SHIFT+F5 while on the site cleared it all up lickety split.

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