Avaya One-X Error Saving Preferences.xml

I use Avaya One-X for work.  I got the above error this morning.  I couldn’t find a resolution via Googling, and Avaya’s support is notoriously sucky.  BUT, I did find out what the purpose of Preferences.xml is.  It keeps settings like window positions.  Bearing that in mind, I figured before reinstalling I’d try blowing it away (renaming it, actually) to see if it would recreate.  It did, and the app came up fine.

Preferences.xml is located in

%APPDATA%\Avaya\one-X Agent\2.5\Profiles\[Profile Name]

on Win7/8.


  1. mediawhapper

    worked for me too. There are actually two Preferences.xml, one at the ..\Profiles\directory, and one at the ..\Profiles\[profile name] directory as Josefek stated. The [profile name] may well be “default”. So the file I needed to delete was ..\Profiles\default\Preferences.xml. Once that was gone, one-x asked (when starting up) for the profile to use, and I had to select the “default”. As soon as one-x proceeded, I could see a new “Preferences.xml” file written to that directory.
    Thanks Joesfek!

  2. Greg

    Thanks so much. I had not run into this issue until yesterday with one of our end users and tried running and repair/reinstall only to have the issue reappear again. After consulting the Google gods I came across this post and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much for sharing… You saved me a bigger headache!

  3. Nam

    Thank you so much! I must’ve not been searching for that file in the correct places. I figured, removal and auto re-creation would’ve helped. You helped me with a piece of the puzzle.

  4. Sean

    That worked for me asl well:

    C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\Avaya\one-X Agent\2.5\Profiles\default

    Renamed Preferences.xml as Preferences.xml2
    Restart Avaya! Here it works.

    Thanks to all

  5. Scot

    Worked like a champ! My lady was playing hookie and working from home when this happened. Saved her ass! lol

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