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0 Day Java Exploit. How to disable Java in your browser.

A JRE exploit has reportedly hit the wild. Context here.  Some kind Redditor has posted instructions on disabling the JRE in various browsers:

  • In Firefox : Press Firefox button -> Add-ons, go to Plugins and click the “Disable” button next to anything named “Java”.
  • In Chrome : Type in: “chrome://plugins/” into the address bar (no quotes). Scroll down to Java and click disable.
  • In Opera: Type in “opera:plugins” into the address bar (no quotes). Scroll down to:
    • Java(TM) Platform <click on> Disable.
    • Java Deployment Toolkit <click on> Disable.
  • In Internet Explorer:
    • Disable UAC (if enabled) and restart.
    • Open the Java app in Control Panel.
    • Go to advanced tab.
    • Expand Default Java for browsers.
    • The checkbox next to IE is grayed out.  Select Microsoft Internet Explorer and press spacebar. Click OK.
    • You can re-enable UAC and restart now.


Gulf oil spill – America’s Chernobyl?

Ran across this article wherein a Sierra Clubber calls the gulf oil spill (which started on Earth Day, natch) “America’s Chernobyl.”  Comments then led me to this amazing site, documenting two motorcycle trips through the dead zone surrounding Chernobyl.  I think every person in a position of influence should have to take that same tour before they propose nuclear as an answer to our energy woes.  I don’t care how “safe” it is when the results , no matter how infinitesimal in likelihood, are this catastrophic.